Thursday, November 3, 2011

Are you a gossip girl?!

Admit it, gossip is fun; if its not about you. Sometimes its hard not to listen to the juicy gossip that's brewing around the lockers or that's spread during passing period. Just remember that gossip has consequences and its usually very painful for the one its directed towards. Gossip can take on a life of its own because the real story usually isn't as sensational so a little seasoning is added to make it more appealing. Have you ever participated in gossip but deep down inside you knew better? Some of the reasons we participate in gossip is to be part of the in-crowd or to elevate our own social standing. Refusing to participate takes personal maturity and empathy for the other person. Unfortunately, the temptation won't end with your teen years, many adults can get caught up in the gossip frenzy too. If you have ever been a victim, just remember what it feels like the next time you are tempted to spread a harmful lie or an exaggerated truth about someone. Go ahead, be the bigger person and resist. You'll be very proud of yourself.

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