Friday, October 28, 2011

Are you ready to lose your virginity?

Think about it carefully before you answer. According to some sources the average age an American teen looses his/her virginity is 15-17 years old. Becoming sexually active should be a choice not made in haste. Some of the reasons why teens are loosing it so early is peer pressure; for both boys and girls. They are made to feel like they're missing out on something. But they aren't. Girls should especially think twice before "giving it up" because females are hard wired to think and feel emotionally, it's a necessary primal trait needed for mothering later on. And boys, are instinctively wired to procreate and spread their seed to as many females as possible. That's not to say that boys are incapable of feelings or being attached to a female but its less of a factor for them. So, they aren't going to have that gushy, warm, loving feeling that girls have afterwards. Most of the time they'll just take a nap or go play video games. The main character Grant clumsily loses his virginity at 15 years old and regrets the odd encounter for the duration of the book. He like average teens had to deal with other issues such as, how long to wait, forms of birth control and where you should do it; there's nothing less romantic than the basement of a friend's house or the back seat of a car. Consider this, you'll most likely be having sex for the rest of your life so don't you think the first one should be at least a good memory. Stop and think.

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